How to Monitor Your Spending


We all know that we cannot get out without spending a single penny, either we eat affordable meals or eat in a fancy restaurant just like Wako Ghin at Marina Bay Sands; there are reasons behind it, and we want to make sure that all of these are valid. Spending may come with a lot of reasons, but some are just compulsive and some are reasonable enough to accept.

But for us to identify which of these are compulsive or reasonable, we have to monitor our spending. Monitoring doesn’t mean we have to write every time, yes, we have to list down some of them — but of course, there are other ways. On this article, let’s talk about some valuable ways to see and monitor our spending in a daily basis. Read on to find out more about these.

Take Note
Have you seen someone carrying a little note while shopping in the groceries? Have you noticed them counting every single cent into their calculator? Well, we cannot blame them. It is just one of the manual monitoring that we all know. You can have a little notebook and a pen inside your pocket, and whenever you need to buy, jots down the name of the item and how much it will cost you. Taking note is good as you will have a real time tracker that you can see just in front of you, and also for some — it is not complicated.

Keep Receipts
It’s hard, but yes; don’t throw that receipt after buying those clothes. Receipts are real deal breakers, as you will see how much you have spent while staying at the mall for an hour; if you see that it’s enough, go home. It will be helpful for documentations of your expenses for a week or for a month, especially if you’re trying to cut down your expenses.

Use Expenses Monitoring Apps

There are no excuses; either you are an Apple or an Android user. Nowadays, you can take advantage of technologies that you can use for your money monitoring habit. There are lots of applications that you can get for free from Apps Store or Play Store. These applications can come handy with your smartphone; in which you cannot go without unless you’re not a techy type of person (you can use a little notebook and pen). Some apps have features to categorize your expenses for bills payments, groceries, and etc. These apps can help you have a smart and organize way of monitoring your expenses.


Hourly Rate vs. Item Cost

Have you ever wonder how much work do you need to finish, just to buy those pair of shoes? It can be silly but if we take note our hourly rate at work versus the item cost, then we have to work extra hours for it. If you are a type of person who doesn’t want to render overtime then you have to think first before buying. Realizing the aspect of the salary that you’re getting at work plus the bills that you have to pay may help you to think “Do I really need this?” Monitor and don’t be a compulsive spender.


These are some tips on how to monitor your spending, still there’s a long list of ways to do it; but it is still up to you to discover. For the meantime, let’s be cautious about the way we spend our money and practice good habit about spending.