3 Desperate Ways To Stop Compulsive Spending

Are you tired of having to work 5 days a week 9-5 and waiting for your paycheck, only to find yourself a few days later already waiting for the next one? What could you be doing wrong? Why can’t you have enough money until the next payday? Maybe it is time to revisit your saving attitude to be able to start saving more money and spend less.

Or maybe you are just a compulsive spender. Do you always spend money without ever thinking about what you are buying, or just because you want to, and then you end up wondering where your money went? Here are some ways to avoid compulsive buying:

Give everything an hourly cost.

Are you trying to decide if you are going to buy the black coat you saw by the store yesterday? Your mind is saying ‘yes’ because you need it and you will be able to use it for a long time. So would you just go ahead and buy it? Of course not. A good deciding factor is to set an hourly cost for everything that you want to buy. For example, you earn $20 per hour, the coat costs $100. You divide it and come up with the hourly cost of the coat. So the coat costs 5 hours. Are you willing to work 5 hours for that coat? If yes, then go ahead and buy it, if not, then you have just been saved from spending on something you do not need.

Call a friend.

If you feel that giving an hourly cost to what you buy still does not work. You feel like you are just saying yes no matter how many hours it converted to just for the sake of buying it. Then you can ask a friend to keep you credit card and ATM card for you. In this way, even if you really want to buy something, you will have to wait until you and your friend meet before being able to buy it. You may even have second thoughts in asking your friend to meet you because she might be doing something. Or in the event that you really asked her to meet you, the time you spend waiting for her might make you realize that you don’t need the item after all.

Drastic measures.

So, having your friend hold your cards did not work. You still ended up buying the things that you weren’t supposed to. It turned out you and your friend always bumped into each other, and each time you do, you are itching to buy something. These kinds of desperate times calls for desperate measures. Do you really want to stop spending? Then when you get home, put your card in the bottom of an ice tray. In this way, when you want to buy something, you’ll have to thaw the ice first before being able to. You’ll lose the interest of buying it. If this does not work, then wrap your card in a ziploc and bury it in your backyard. I bet you won’t hassle yourself digging it back up unless it is an emergency.


These are just ways that you can stop compulsive buying. But remember, it will all still be up to you if you decide to buy anything or not. Change your mindset, change your priorities, you spending will follow.